Useful Information

Passenger Information

Following international safety standards, prior to takeoff our cabin crew will perform a safety demonstration showing the location and use of oxygen masks, life jackets and emergency exits. In addition please read carefully the AURA AIRLINES safety cards placed in the seat pockets in front of you.

AURA AIRLINES in compliance with European medical regulations has equipped each of its aircraft with a complete first aid kit.

The Handling agent and the crew will avoid the transportation of switched on PEDs in passenger hand luggage or the aircraft cargo holds. Portable electronic devices (PEDs) that are not accessible during the flight (especially those in luggage or transported as cargo) must be switched off and adequately protected against being accidently switched on. Alarms or applications that may be activated during transportation must be deactivated before check-in. In addition, they shall be protected against damage by using a shock-absorbing cover.
Consult our portable electronic device policy in case of any doubts.

In AURA AIRLINES we accept one piece of hand luggage on all flights, including national destinations. The dimensions of the hand luggage must not exceed 50 × 40 × 25 cms and must not weigh more than 10 kg. Consult the allowed baggage section of our website.

The only alcoholic beverages allowed to be consumed on the aircraft are those served by our cabin crew during the bar service. It is strictly prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages brought on board by the passenger or purchased during the on board sales service.

The European Union has adopted new security measures restricting the amount of liquids or similar substances that passengers can carry through security checks at European airports. For more information, check with the cabin crew.

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